How can I start learning to draw portraits?

I want to learn to draw portraits and shadow, but I have no idea how to start: If you've always wanted to be able to draw and I thought I would make my New Year's resolution: D So help websites for a beginner! And how long do you think it would take me if I spent three hours a week on it? I'm not so bad in the shade, which is only the actual drawing of the person / Please help !!!!! 10 points promise!

Well … is not always the time you spend on it is the quality of practice, but I would assume if we 3 hours a day drawing would see some pretty good results. That's the problem with a lot of people. They expect to be right the first time to draw. The second they do and are drawing a house similar to an image of second-degree quit. It's like learning to speak French, you probably will not be good the first times that starts, but if kept in what is certainly going to see (or in this case hear) the results. Drawing portraits is easy … more or less. At least the subject fell down. Just focus on the features, I can not imagine how they look, see what they seem. Most of the good that is perceived to bring good out and see the other part is getting on paper. Just draw draw draw, is one of those things that can only improve on the fly, and it does not really matter what you do as long as you do. In fact, as long as you did nothing (from an orange cat, a house or a TV) you'll make progress. GOOD LUCK